Introduction Of Myself and Myself With God

I hope that most the people reading my blogs know who I am. If this isn’t the case, hi! My name is Jonna Castanos and I’m from a super small town in Colorado. I’m a senior this year, and I graduate in just a couple months (yikes :S) I’m planning on staying close to home, so I’ll be attending UCCS in the fall!

So basically, I’m writing about my experiences with God, challenges I face that coax me out of my comfort zone, and experiences I have with some different people. (I’ll most likely just end up talking about everything, fair warning).

Well, if this blog is gonna have some God-ly aspects about it, I should share my testimony.

Before I could even walk, I was baptized. My dad was (is?) Catholic and actually went to seminary school. He dropped out :S   Anyways… I grew up in a Methodist church and when I was 9 or 10, I was baptized (yet again). I went to Sunday School and also went to A.W.A.N.A.S (I don’t even remember what it means anymore, but it was like a youth group for elementary kids). Nearly 10 years ago, I started going to Beaver Creek Youth Camp. BCYC really helped me grow in my faith. As I got into high school, I got stupid. I let my trust in God get weak, and I really strayed from His path. During camp last summer, I finally got back on track, and since then I’ve been growing closer and closer to my Savior. I feel the need to read my Bible every day, share my testimony, and do all I can to honor Him. One amazing way I can honor God is by singing and playing guitar.  

Alright well, that’s me in a nutshell and there will be more posts to come about everything (everything AND the kitchen sink, whoa.)

Peace out 🙂


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