What I Learned In Church — Holy Week

Right, so … Holy Week. Good stuff, am I right? Palm Sunday; Jesus is here and people get naked and put their clothes on the ground for Jesus’ donkey. Partaay! A week passes and BOOM! Jesus rose from the dead! (Insert awful southern accent here) Happy day mama! Happy day! Okay, no seriously, Holy Week is good. 

But Holy Week isn’t just Palm Sunday and Easter.

There’s Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then Saturday… I guess people ran out of names for the days so they just kind of left Saturday out?

So I just want to try and put a visual in your head right now. Think of a graph. On Palm Sunday, everything is pretty good, could be better, but good. Alright, there goes Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Maundy Thursday.. and CRASH. Good Friday crashes. Like 1930’s Stock Market crash. Saturday get’s a little worse.. and now it’s Sunday, Sunday! Jesus Christ is alive on Sundaaay! (Shout out to Rebecca Black yo!) Jesus don’t waste NO time. I mean, the first thing He does after He rises from the grave (which was probably like 6 in the morning) is drive 7 demons out of Mary Magdalene (No, seriously. It’s Mark 16:9, go read it for yourself).

My pastor (Calob) used a great reference this morning in church; a FACEBOOK reference. (There were probably some elders thinking, “What the heck’s a Facebook?” but that’s beside the point). During Holy Week, we really gotta check in and see where we are at with our relationship with God. If you feel really confident in your faith and feel like your growing spiritually, today was your day! (This was SO my day). Alright, I’m obviously either not a great note taker or not a good remember…er? But I don’t have any notes on Maundy Thursday but I know that this was the night of the last supper. Right, so no notes on Good Friday either, I’m going to assume that if your day is Good Friday, you might be feeling kinda sketch on your relationship with Christ (Calob, if you’re reading this, feel free to comment and completely prove me wrong). Good Friday is the time when Jesus was betrayed and denied. You might be feeling like this is your day if you haven’t been close to God recently, or have strayed from His path (But don’t worry, everything get’s better in three days).

So.. Saturday. Come to think of it, I bet everyone was too dang depressed to give Saturday a special name. Jesus’ disciples just abandoned him and many of His loved ones and followers just saw him die… I mean guys… Jesus is dead.. </3. Also, Saturday is a day of doubt. If your faith is being tested/questioned or you feel like God isn’t around anymore you need to figure out where you stand with God and really try and find peace.

After learning about all these new days, I think it’s really important to participate in these days as much as Palm Sunday and Easter. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Super Terrible Saturday (yes, it now has a name) really adds to the drama of Easter. Afterall, Easter is not about ham or coloring eggs or giant rabbits; Easter is about Jesus Christ COMING BACK TO LIFE! (that’s gotta take some talent).

My pastor left me with a couple challenges, and I will leave you with the same;

1. Check in throughout the week, and see where you’re at in your life with God.

2. Try and go to a Maundy Thursday and Good Friday service (shout out to Wiley UMC!)

3. Pursue Jesus, however that might be.

Peace out!


3 thoughts on “What I Learned In Church — Holy Week

  1. Ok, this is boom city.
    I love how much awesome sauce you poured all over this.
    Let me add a little bit to the conversation about Good Friday.
    There are times in life where we may feel beat up, abandoned, or betrayed.
    There are times in life when we may want to cry out like Jesus with “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” (Matthew 27:46)
    And, sadly, there are plenty of our sisters and brothers in the world that can identify with the violence that is Good Friday.
    Life can be rough and sometimes just sucks.
    If that’s where you find yourself, Good Friday is the day of Holy Week where you can check-in.

    Now shameless plug:
    Here’s our churches schedule for Holy Week, obtained from http://www.wileyumc.org/calendar
    3/28 Thursday 7:00pm: Maunday Thursday communion service, McClave UMC
    3/29 Friday 7:00pm: Good Friday service, Wiley UMC
    3/31 Sunday 6:30am: Easter Sunrise worship, Wiley Church of God
    3/31 Sunday 11:00am: Easter Sunday Worship

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