I’m going against all odds Part 1

Being a senior, I face A LOT of stress (but then again, doesn’t everybody?)

The stress I’m talking about is the stress dealing with graduation, college classes, choosing a college, choosing a major, maintaining a job, yada yada yada, all that jazz, etc.

There’s just one more little thing I gotta add to my plate of worries; how can I still serve God when all I’m doing is worrying about myself?

I’ve been told by multiple people in my life that I need to, “Let go, let God.”

Uuuuhhhh…. That’s not how I roll. Sorry, yo.

In stressful situations, I need to know what’s going on, and that I can handle whatever it is BY MY SELF.

Here’s the thing… We weren’t made to handle ANYTHING by ourselves.

In Plato’s Symposium, it is said that humans were made with four arms, four legs, two hearts, and two heads. Fearing that these creatures would be too powerful, Zeus cut them in half, condemning them to spend the rest of their lives looking for their “other half.” This could be taken as trying to find your true love all your life, but I like to think of it in a different direction.

This is how we need to be with God. We need to seek him all our lives, never getting comfortable with where we are with him because there is ALWAYS more.

(I use capital letters for emphasis, figure that out yet?)

So, where I’m going with Plato’s Symposium is that we are never alone because we have our other half (God) out there.

(Let’s get back on track) Serving God has been, and always will be a passion of mine, but lately, this passion has grown into a need. I can feel my heart ache at this very moment, knowing there are so many helpless in my community, state, nation that could use help… And I’m here sitting in my English Comp class.

It hurts knowing there are people on the streets. It hurts knowing there are kids going hungry. It hurts knowing people have to sleep outside on the street, freezing cold. It hurts knowing I can help, but I’m not doing anything.

But just like Dr. King, I have a dream. (haha, I just made a rhyme)

With this growing need, I’ve been tossing around a lot of different ideas and ways I can help.


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